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Carbel Kronos 70 - 13kW - including fans - no frame

Carbel Kronos 70 - 13kW - including fans - no frame
Brand: Carbel
Product Code: Carbel Kronos 70 - with fans (no frame)
Availability: In Stock
Price: R23,000.00

Unit with Termatek board - R27895.00

Frame 9cm Steel return - R2600.00

Carbel - Kronos 70 - A fine balance between size and performance makes these models the ideal solution for most installations.

Larger combustion chamber. Optional exterior air intake. Front air outlet adjustment system.

Kronos 80 is equipped with 3 fans and 4 outlets for channelling hot air.

Efficiency rate of 78 to 79%. New 4 - sided frame in black glazing (optional extra)

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