Ray Max G

Ray Max G

Ray Max G

The Ray Max G is a large, freestanding fireplace for modern indoor-living.

The Ray Max G is made from steel, a stylish and reliable material that ensures wood burns efficiently. With an average of 13kW of power produced, it is ideal for medium-large spaces of up to 160m². It is highly energy-efficient, providing 77% efficiency. The large combustion chamber has the capacity to build a blazing fire that lasts for many hours. The fireplace is comfortable loading 450mm logs, which saves you the trouble of chopping extra wood. Aesthetically, the Ray Max G has a premium build quality, which makes it a favourite amongst customers. Staying warm should always be this effortless.

Weight 107 kg

Dimensions         44 × 66.8 × 80 cm

Material: Steel

Fuel Type: Wood

Power Output kW : 13kW – 21kW

Brand: Hydrofire

Heating Area: 125m² – 160m²

Efficiency %   77

Flue Outlet: Top

Flue Diameter: 140mm

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