1500 Multifunction


1500 Multifunction wood braai

Available in 1200 & 1500mm versions.

FireFox Combo wood and gas Braais are designed for the family or business that wants the ability to cook on either wood/charcoal or gas. Gas cooking is great, for being able to switch the grill on and be cooking 5 to 10 minutes later. Marvellous for those with a busy lifestyle that does not always allow time to get a wood/charcoal braai going. The charcoal/wood burning section is great for when you have the time to make a fire and can properly enjoy the extra taste from the smoke. If you are catering for a large party, then use both sides.


South Africa is a large country with a diverse climate, that demands a choice of steel that a FireFox Built In Braai can be made from. In the Highveld/Karoo/Free State where the climate is drier, mild steel is a good choice, that will give a long lifespan and look good with an occasional touch up on the paint. At the coast were corrosion is a significant problem, a 3Cr12 (rust resistant steel) or 304 Stainless Steel option will ensure a braai that will last longer and look better than a mild steel braai.

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