1350mm gas braai

1350mm Drop-in Gas Braai


Signi Fires offer a fresh approach to our national pastime the humble braai. Our Drop-In Gas Braai provides home chefs with the perfect cooking weapon to impress their guests. The drop-in gas braai is available in four sizes: 770mm, 950mm, 1150mm and 1350mm. The drop-in gas braai is the ultimate addition to your kitchen or outdoor entertainment area and is very easy to install.

The 770 drop-in braai features two “U” burners, the 950 has 1 ceramic sear burner and 2 “U” burners, the 1150 has 1 ceramic sear burner and 2 “U” burners and the 1350 has 1 ceramic sear burner and 3 “U” burners. A “U” burner is equivalent to two standard straight-line burners most commonly used by manufacturers. The sear burner is a ceramic burner that emits much higher, instant temperatures. It’s the first braai in South Africa to feature this type of burner. The ceramic sear burner is perfect for grilling steaks and other meats where caramelisation is required on the outside whilst keeping the inside moist and juicy.


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