Pizza oven gas

Pizza oven

Pizza Oven – GAS

Easily accessible gas burner operating controls; Gas shut-off valve for added stand-by safety; Master control knob, combining the function of lighting the pilot and dual burner, controlling flame intensity and shutting down the oven; Thermo-couple flame-failure safety device, responsible for shutting down the gas supply to the burners in the event of an unintended pilot flame extinction; Extensive baking area, suitable for up to three large Pizzas, at a time; Convenient, hinged door panel / prep table, made from high grade stainless-steel; Flue pipe, diameter 150mm x 610mm in length with an attractive storm cowl; Spigot-mounted damper facility to maintain dome temperature at the desired level; Baking base, consisting of multiple Pizza stones, removable and thus replaceable; Ochre colour, water-repellent paint, easily touched up; High grade stainless-steel Pizza paddle;